Hi, my name is Romello Goodman ( mello good )

I am a creative technologist that primarily works with web technologies. I apply them in a number of different contexts in the hopes of exploring how code and creativity are linked. My artistic practice is called Good Graphics.

In the past, I've worked with software in various industries from media to aerospace and politics. Currently for labor, I am a senior software engineer at Shopify on the Polaris Design System team and a Graphic Design educator at MICA.


Generative Typography

A course exploring computation and typography. (MICA Spring 2022)



A playful creative coding website. Using sliders and various UI paradigms to explore novel interface interactions.


Meeting… Romello Goodman, Senior Software Engineer at The New York Times

A Profile on The New York Times' Open Blog

Planning for pause

As a companion to agile development practices, milestones offer a meditative—and productive—opportunity to decelerate. (Increment Planning Issue)

Code is sourdough

Going remote led to reflections on the similarities between codebases and sourdough starter. (Increment Remote Issue)

A monorepo renaissance

Considering the unified vision of monorepos through the lens of serverless computing. (Increment Software Architecture Issue)

What If We Used Images to Navigate New York Times Content?

An experiment made during The New York Times’s Maker Week that presents photos as the main way to browse Times content.


I need you to create with code

The explosion of web technologies in the 2010s was community lead and reshaped modern web development. Every week there was a new javascript library testing a new idea for how to create websites. The "creative coding" field can go through the same transformation and needs your help. (November 2021 CascadiaJS)

Piping Workflows, Or Outputs to Inputs and Back

In UNIX piping allows for the output from one program to be used as the input for another. Using this framework we can explore Generative Art not just as an output but as system of inputs situated within larger artistic workflows. Prepared for ACM SIGGRAPH SPARKS Session "Creative Coding: Generative / Algorithmic Art and the Exploration of Authorship and Authenticity". (October 2021 SIGGRAPH SPARKS)

Urban Planning & Codebase Architecture. Or, how not to end up with a Wendy's in the middle of your codebase

When urban planners design cities their decisions are at the scale of decades and millennia. As city’s mature they have to adapt and re-architect to meet changing demographics and use cases. Using Architect Pierre L'Enfant’s design of The United States capital I examine how systems change overtime from their initial ideation. I cover how we as engineers can use urban planning concepts to adapt our codebases and not end up like Washington, DC where 200 years later a Wendy’s food restaurant is located in the middle of one of the city’s busiest traffic circles. (June 2021 React Norway)

Graphic = fn(state)

Applying the React principle of “UI is a function of state” to SVGs and Graphic Design. We talk about using systems of componentization and state management to create and manage SVGs. (May 2021 React Summit)

React Contributor Days Panel II

A panel discussion on the current state and future of React. (September 2021 This Dot Media)

React Contributor Days Panel

A panel discussion on the current state and future of React. (May 2021 This Dot Media)